Google spams itself

It seems when trouble comes it comes in spades. Some of my favorite service providers are having trouble all at once. Skype, which has worked flawlessly for 2 years (3 maybe?) has had problems seeing its own peer-to-peer (P2P) network today making logins interminable, and now Google, whose Gmail is one of the nicest free apps on the net, has fallen foul of its own spam filter! Trawling through the Gmail spambox looking for mail that shouldn’t be there I found an e-mail sent me from, of all places, the Google Adsense folks.

Dunno, maybe the gmail folks think Adsense is evil and Google says above all they mustn’t be. Perhaps lots of users got the same e-mail all at once and all marked it as spam before Google could tune the spam filters (perhaps Adsense didn’t let Gmail know it was about to mail out a load of notices?). Whatever, it’s rather amusing but not a catastrophe. Losing a key e-mail or even a mission critical program; now that could be catastrophic!

The big takeaway, though, is this will be down to Google’s famed machine-controlled algorithms, thus we can rest assured the machiens & AIs won’t be coming for our jobs anytime soon; probably not in our lifetimes.