Put some more stuff up already!

I was shocked a few days ago when a friend asked about some code I use to make the menu to the right work (Edit: in the former theme) in Internet Explorer. “Oh my!” I thought, “someone not related to me reads my site!” I set out then and there to start updating the site more often; weekly if possible.
That didn’t factor in the 4 websites we’ve created since coming back from the States (more about that later) and good intentions paved the road to….well, good intentions. However the Dread-pirate Mother-in-Law sat me down in front of their PC(!) and said, “I haven’t seen any change in this for a month!” More like 6 weeks but I got the idea. Very much so.
Finally sat down today and decided to get on with things. There have been some things to post for a while, some on the shocking state of foods we’ve taken a close look at in the supermarkets (that’s grocery store to Americans), what you’ll be listening to on pop radio in Germany and the USA in a year or so (and some better stuff they won’t play but we get over here!) and I’m finally going to do that series on how to create your own webpage without using silly stuff like Frontpage. Stay tuned and I promise to do this more often.