Ripping to FLAC in Linux

For years I’ve had most of my music in a collection as MP3s. Some years ago I bought a set of Motorola SF600 bluetooth headphones that produce hi-fi sound on a wireless headset, and, when London traffic wasn’t overpowering all I began to notice the lower quality MP3s just didn’t sound that great. Given the clear quality advantages I wanted to re-rip everything to FLAC. This should be easy enough but I hit a couple of hiccups along the way.

I should interject here that I’m currently using Linux Mint version 18, and although I can build from source, and/or from tarballs, etc, life’s too short and the Debian/Ubuntu/Mint software repositories are sufficiently vast to have a good selection to choose from for just about any job.

Search engine results initally led me to RipperX but I got quickly bogged down in a config issue which I didn’t take the time to understand. From there it was 3 minutes to install and confgure SoundJuicer. SoundJuicer gave me superb results on about 90% of my collection and I got a few undred CDs ripped inside of a week. This wokred well until it encountered CDs that weren’t in the Musicbrainz database. After reading pages and pages of recommendations on the web, many recommended RipperX so I gace it another try. Paydirt! RipperX uses CDDB thus the various compilations, obsucre artists, etc were all found quickly and ripped just as quickly.

There are slight differences in the default naming conventions but most music players don’t mind. I use Poweramp for Android and it works with all the album names fine.

Next job is to tag up songs by genres to create playlists based on the tags.